Thanks for stopping by FDL! I’m Gretchen, and I live a Food-Driven life. If you’re trolling food blogs I think you know what that means.

I’m a self-taught/mom-taught cook. Born and raised in Small Town, Wisconsin with 3 sisters. Moved to Texas after college to pursue my dreams as an aerospace engineer/F-16 saleswoman. Traveled to lots of weird faraway places to sell F-16s and eat things like sheep brain and Chinese rojak. Got married to a funny man named John. Had twin boys who so far love food just as much as their mom.

I wouldn’t call myself a foodie because I hate teeny tiny fancy food at restaurants and I don’t use ingredients like fennel or pea shoots. I love food that tastes good, plain and simple. Some of my recipes are for those that like to slow down and enjoy some time (wine) in the kitchen, some are for those that simply need to get a delicious meal on the table, and some are for those that like to entertain. But ALL are straight from my mouth to yours.