Roasted Vine Tomatoes


I really like vegetables in their natural form. I can vividly remember going to the farmer’s market with my mom when I was a kid and being blown away that carrots actually had green tops on them just like the ones Bugs Bunny ate. Yep. Until then we had only been exposed to those convenient yet mysterious peeled little mini carrots. (PS – why do those look nothing like real carrots, other than the color?)

So of course I had to convince my mom to buy these crazy authentic carrots for me…and she happily agreed but then things went horribly wrong. The guy grabbed the carrots, took the money, and then before I could even protest he CHOPPED the green tops right off. Threw them away. Bagged our now-ordinary-looking carrots. I can still feel the devastation. I was sure that I would never encounter bugs bunny carrots again.

Well, I’m 34 now and I’m pleased to tell you that I have. I’ve had many opportunities to hold, eat, and cook carrots with the tops on, and I do. They taste better. They look pretty. They are so easy to roast and look great for dinner parties.

And while this recipe does not involve carrots in any way, it does involve tomatoes with the vine still attached. Like I just plucked them from my garden. You see? There’s something very simple and gorgeous about it. I didn’t actually pluck them from my garden, however, because I’m on my third straight summer of killing my tomato plants.

Anyway. Buy these tomatoes on the vine. Brush them with olive oil. Salt them with kosher salt (tomatoes love salt!). Bake them for 15-20 minutes at 350. That’s it!