Dinner Party Menu: September


September! One of my favorite months. In Texas, things start cooling down. In Wisconsin, things really start cooling down and you can smell fall in the air. That crispness makes everything feel so fresh and so rejuvenating. Texas misses out on the fall season a little bit, which would be sad except that September is the start of the state fair. So, crisp Wisconsin air vs. Texas corn dogs. Tough call.

Septembers are usually busy for people, which in my mind makes it an extra good month to have a dinner party. People will appreciate it! And for you, the one cooking, make something easy! And eat outside, maybe with sunflowers as your centerpiece.  This is one of the few months where I genuinely like eating outside – a reasonable/borderline cool temperature and less bugs. Most other months I am forced to come up with an excuse to my husband why we can’t eat outside. Mosquitoes. Wind. Hot. Too sunny.  If you have any other ideas, please LMK.

The Menu

Appetizer: The best spinach artichoke dip you’ll ever make

Main:        Super delicious pulled pork tacos

Side:         Dole BBQ ranch chopped salad (store-bought)

Dessert:    Store bought pie, preferably chocolate

As I’ve said before, only make a couple of things. It makes it so much easier on you and leaves more time for sipping margaritas.

To execute:

  1. About 5 hours before, start the pork.
  2. One hour before, make the dip
  3. Right before guests arrive, shred the pork and get the tortillas/toppings ready (i.e., cheese and sour cream). Assemble salad.
  4. There’s hardly any instructions here because it’s that easy.