Hot Beef Quesadillas


Last weekend, I felt like I found a $100 bill in an old purse. I was trying to fit my leftover fro yo in the freezer (yes, sometimes it’s that big), and as I was rearranging I found a big container of leftover hot beef.  Jackpot. And instead of making the sandwiches that we know and love, we decided to try quesadillas.  Tortillas, Mexican blend shredded cheese, and hot beef (drained a little to remove the excess juice), cooked on a hot skillet…it was SO GOOD.  Best use of leftovers ever.  In fact next time I make hot beef I might just make the quesadillas. Serve with sour cream!

PS. Hot beef freezes amazingly well – it tasted just as good. My recipe makes a lot so it’s perfect for freezing for a rainy (or busy) day.